Xmas on Koh Mak

We spent Xmas on a lovely little Thai island off the coast of Cambodia, one of 52 islands that make up the Koh Chang National Park. Life is slow-paced here, everyone travels by bicycle or scooter and there are lovely beaches for sunset cocktails, kayaking and snorkelling.



Obviously, we (one of us) tried to introduce a bit of energy into proceedings with a goal of seeing more bird species than anyone has reported before. The record stood at 49 species in 5 days. We had the same amount of time so it was a fair fight. We even managed to see a few “lifers” (birds we had never seen before).


Indian Cuckoo from our hotel terrace


Grey-faced Buzzard appears while sipping a banana shake on the beach!

Xmas presents were exchanged – a Muay Thai session for Pash, Stand Up Paddle Boarding for Sheila. Unfortunately, the wind intervened and Sheila’s present remains an IOU.



By the end of our last day, we had equalled the birding record. Nothing new appeared at our final breakfast overlooking the lovely garden so we made our way to the jetty for our speedboat back to the mainland. Pacific Reef Heron on the beach! The record broken – where are Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter when you need them!

Reef Heron.jpg

Merry Xmas!



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