Ethical Elephants

Elephant tourism is big business in South East Asia, especially in Thailand. Riding an elephant is up there with swimming with dolphins on many people’s bucket lists. We did it ourselves in 2008. We feel guilty now because in recent years, it has come to light that not only are elephants routinely mistreated to train […]

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Sea Kayaking the Sea of Cortez

At the end of our Baja California road-trip, we decided to have a bit of downtime. We had been scouring the seas for whales, sharks and manta rays and searching on land for all kinds of birdlife. We had experienced some great sights and travelled by plane, all kinds of boats, car, bus, bicycle and […]

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Whales of Baja California Sur

Jacques Cousteau, the famous French filmmaker, ocean explorer and conservationist called the Sea Of Cortez in Mexico “the world’s aquarium”. It is one of the best whale-watching locations in the world with migrating blue whales, humpback whales, killer whales and resident sperm whales and fin whales. Just 2 hours across Baja California Sur is the […]

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Birds Of Baja California Sur

Although the wildlife draw of BCS has to be the opportunity to see many species of whale and dolphin, the birds are pretty special too. On our diving trip, the highlights were the beautiful Red-billed Tropicbirds, Brown Boobies diving for fish and then being raided by waiting Magnificent Frigatebirds and Masked Boobies, looking like pelagic […]

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Xmas on Koh Mak

We spent Xmas on a lovely little Thai island off the coast of Cambodia, one of 52 islands that make up the Koh Chang National Park. Life is slow-paced here, everyone travels by bicycle or scooter and there are lovely beaches for sunset cocktails, kayaking and snorkelling. Obviously, we (one of us) tried to introduce […]

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