Shack Culture Tassie-Style

Last Friday at Rektango, open-air dancing in a small courtyard in Central Hobart, we met Shane, a friend of Ange, who is a friend of Lee-Ann, who is friends with Mel, who Sheila has known for years. That’s how things work in super-friendly Hobart. If you have a mutual friend, then you are legally bound […]

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Into the Wilderness

Last Friday, we travelled into the Tasmanian South West Wilderness – a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most remote and inaccessible areas in Australia. We flew there in a light aircraft with 6 other passengers, getting incredible views of Hobart and the southern coastline before turning inland through a small gap in […]

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Bird, Fish, Mammal or Reptile?

This one is for you, Charlie Hare. We thought you might like to tell your school friends about one of the strangest Australian animals we encountered this week. This was one of our most exciting wildlife encounters so far. We went to a small town called Geeveston, south of Hobart, because we’d seen its only […]

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Birds of Hobart

We’ve now seen over 200 bird species in Australia so the flow of new birds is starting to slow down. Our birding is becoming more specific as we search for those more difficult to find. Now and again though, we get an opportunity for a better view or a better photograph of a bird we’ve […]

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Hobart Has it All

Hobart is a city of water and mountains with spectacular views around almost every corner. A city of around 225,000 people with a growing reputation for the arts, cool-climate wines and gourmet food – it’s probably Australia’s best-kept secret. It’s also known as “The Gateway To The Antarctic” and is therefore rather different in climate […]

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The Beaches and Beasts of Bruny

We spent 3 gloriously sunny days on Bruny Island – an island off an island. We were expecting a small, quiet and uninhabited landmass with lots of birds and very basic facilities. What we found was an island 100km from top to bottom with some of the most stunning, deserted beaches, unusual creatures and delicious […]

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