Best Bugs

Since leaving Un Poco del Choco, I’ve continued to snap bugs as we’ve travelled around Ecuador. This first one I’ve yet to identify, but I spotted it on a lamp in Cabanas San Isidro. It was smaller than my little finger nail. Insects and spiders get a bad rap, with many people either scared of […]

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Parque Condor, Ecuador

One of our favourite day trips from our house near Otavalo was to a rehabilitation centre for injured birds of prey – Parque Condor. Many birds of prey around the world, not just in Ecuador, are persecuted especially by farmers who think they are a threat to their livestock. In some cases, birds that only […]

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Flowers of the Andes

While Pash has been photographing the birds of Ecuador, I’ve been running around with my little Olympus Tough taking pics of insects and flowers. I’m nowhere near as knowledgeable about the flora of Ecuador as Pash is about the birds, so I can’t tell you much, but they are pretty. We spent a day walking […]

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Ecuador – Birds of the Month

Here are our favourite bird photos from the first month’s travels in Ecuador. Rufous Motmot – one of the most common visitors to the banana feeders at Un Poco del Choco. The rackets on the tail are not found on the birds on the eastern slope of the Andes. No idea why. Streak-headed Woodcreeper – […]

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